Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nothing of substance

I have nothing of substance to say today. This is why I am just writing a line or two of words that are strung together in the proper order, but have no importance at all.

Much like some other bloggers who like to ramble on about nothing in particular.

That is all.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A well spun tale, or trufax. You decide...

"I'm wearing a brown sweater. I find when I'm wearing it, I'm much taller than when I wear a green sweater. There's your proof that brown makes one taller."

The Scientific Method

So, if I have a swatch of blue worsted weight wool and a swatch of natural "worsted" weight wool and I want to know which one makes my elbow warmer, will things like this have any effect on my "testing"?

  1. The "worsted" weight natural is actually quite bulky in spots.
  2. The two yarns have very different amounts of twist.
  3. Should I test on two different days, then use a thermometer on my elbow to test the warmth?
  4. If I test on two different days, the room temp might be different.
  5. Testing at different times means my own body temp might be different.
  6. Should I repeat the tests over a period of time and compile my results?

A male friend tells me I'm just being a dumb girl and overthinking. I should just go by my own observation. If it FEELS warmer, it IS warmer and THAT is a fact that cannot be denied!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Science, spinning, and delusion

I have done no research, real or otherwise, and it shows. That said, there are some who claim to have done actual research and studies, yet cannot provide any actual evidence to support their outlandish claims.

PS... On hot summer day, pink nail polish will make you thirsty. Trufax.